Would you like your own coffee bike? Awesome! You will love being outdoors, meeting new people and making delicious coffee drinks!

Pedal Java can easily be replicated in your town. For a low startup cost, you can quickly have your own mobile business and start serving!

The Cart includes:
    •    Battery and charger
    •    Refrigerator
    •    1 gallon refillable propane tank
    •    Cast Iron propane stove
    •    3 gallon refillable freshwater tank
    •    3 gallon gray water tank for waste water
    •    Stainless Steel sink
    •    Custom branding and business cards
With this coffee trailer you can make pour-over coffee, espresso, Aeropress coffee, hot chocolate, chai and a variety of other hot beverages. The trailer can attach to most adult sized bicycles and has a capacity of 150 pounds, fully loaded.