Party Pack


Have you been dying to try out new flavored coffee varieties? It’s so hard to choose between these 3 options, but now you don’t have to!

For a limited time, try all 3 for only $42 plus shipping. Devil’s Food, Granny’s Pecan Pie, and Tough Nut are all delicious both hot and cold-brewed. Put some south in your mouth y’all!

Price: $42.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"

Coldbrew Triple Shot--Local Delivery Only


Now through Sunday 7/5, purchase three 32 ounce cold brew jars for only $26. Get a variety pack to test all of our flavors: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Devil's Food, and, for a very limited time, Granny's Pecan Pie! That’s 96 ounces of cold brew to help you have the most productive week ever (or share with a friend, no judgement).

This item is available for local delivery/pickup only.

Price: $26.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"

Two Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Cold Brew 32oz Jars


Locally-roasted fresh cold brewed coffee! This makes a great way to refill your Coffee Quarantine Kit or just supply your household with perfect supplies for iced or frozen beverages. Cold brew should be refrigerated and is best used within 7 days of production. Two 32oz jars, fresh roasted and Toddy cold-brewed daily in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Smooth, low acidity, yet highly caffeinated for all your coffee needs! Tasting notes: effervescent, light citrus notes. This product is not shippable! Local Knox county deliveries only!

Price: $20.00

Cold Brew Containment Kit


Are you a cold brew enthusiast? Do you have too much blood in your caffeine system at the moment? We have your solution! Cold brew is the smooth, mellow, yet highly caffeinated cousin of espresso. It’s low in acidity, and is great over ice or in frozen beverages.

Price: $49.00

Coffee Quarantine Kit


Have you gotten into at least one altercation over the last pack of TP at the grocery store this week? Are you concerned that being stuck at home with your spouse, rowdy children, and whiny pets for at least 2 weeks may drive you insane? Has COVID-19 made you worry about poop more than you’d like to admit? Listen, we at Pedal Java hate this mess just as much as you. And, we’re really concerned that you are going to run out of coffee and commit a crime in these hard times.

Price: $49.00

Chocoholics Anonymous Kit


Are you a self-proclaimed chocoholic? Do you always carry an emergency candy bar in your purse for hard times? Are you known for bringing dessert to Sunday dinner/family reunions?

This is the kit for you! Included is 1 pound of our brand new Devil’s Food flavored coffee (whole bean or ground), 32 oz of fresh cold brewed coffee, whipped cream, Ghirardelli dark and white chocolate, chocolate chips, travel cup, and awesome Pedal Java stickers. Get your coffee and your sugar too!

Price: $49.00

Devil’s Food Cold Brew


For a limited time only (basically until one of us admits we were wrong), we are offering our new Devil’s Food chocolate-flavored cold brew coffee. Grab two 32 ounce jars for only $20. Tastes great served black, with sugar/creamer, or with a little Irish Cream. We will even deliver it to you in Knox County if you’ve already started drinking that Irish Cream.

This product is not shippable. Must be able to deliver in Knox County or meet for pickup.

Price: $20.00

Pour Over Pack


Do you live for coffee gadgets but don’t have the budget for all the fancy toys your heart desires? The Pour Over Pack is for you, my friend!

Included: 1 pound of premium flavored coffee (choose from Devil’s Food, Granny’s Pecan Pie, or Tough Nut), 1 reusable pour over cone, and filters. Make the smoothest, richest single serve coffee ever. And great news! You are actually helping the environment. Coffee grinds are 100% biodegradable, cone is reusable, and no k-cups are going to the landfill when you purchase and use this product. Delicious and environmentally sustainable!

Price: $25.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"
Choose which variety you'd like included

Give Granny Some Sugar kit


Did you spend summer at your Granny’s house as a kid? Remember the fresh country air? The sunshine on your skin. The smell of hot pecan pie in the windowsill and a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

Those were the days. This kit is a tribute to simpler times. Included are: 1 pound of Granny’s Pecan Pie coffee, 32 ounces of the world’s best cold brew, Monin caramel and pump, Ghirardelli caramel sauce, whipped cream, and a travel mug.

Now, come give Granny some sugar!

Price: $49.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"

World's Best Coldbrew Kit


Thank you East TN for all the ❤️! We are so glad to help keep you caffeinated and sane during these crazy times, but...

The rest of the country needs us too! You asked, and we now have a shippable cold brew kit. Now, you can make the world’s best cold brew from the comfort of your own quarantined home!

Included in the kit: 1 pound of ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a Bodum cold brew maker with instructions, and the amazing support staff of Pedal Java to provide recipes and assistance.

These are crazy times y’all. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay caffeinated!

Price: $32.00
If you live outside Knox County TN you MUST choose "Shipped"